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Biphosphonates and dental health – a risks-benefits relation yet too uncertain; The Specialists of the Dental Clinics Favero warn about the Dangers of Mandibular Osteoncecrosis

Authors: GA Favero
Prof. - Universitatea de Medicina si Chirurgie - Padova


Discovered at the end of the ’60, the biphosphonates (BF) are the drugs used in therapy for forms of osteoporosis (postmenopausal, male or induced by corticosteroids), in diseases with the remodeling of the osseous tissue, in Paget’s Disease of bone, neoplastic hypercalcemia and in oncologic patients with bone metastatis from breast or prostate cancer, multiple myeloma.
They decrease the bone resorption attaching to the mineral crystals of hydroxyapatite that form the structure, diminishing an accelerated skeletal turnover or inhibiting the angiogenesis (development of new blood vessels from other already existing ones) present in clinical cases of tumors…

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