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Current status of the dental practice in Bulgaria. Meta-analysis

Authors: Lydia Katrova*, Krassimir Tzokov**

*Departamentul de Sănătate Publică, Facultatea de Medicină Dentară,
**Universitatea de Medicină - Sofia, Bulgaria


The purpose of this study was to show the leading trends in dental practice and dental profession development after two decades of transition.
Materials and methods: A systematic review of data was performed including analysis of secondary statistical data and benchmarking data from relevant publications.
Results: The meta-analysis found that: The dentists/patients ratio decreased steadily; The dental surgeries’ development, in terms of new equipment, is observed; The use of support staff increased from 1996 to 2001, and decreased as on 2011; The utilization of dental services, compared to EU level is going down; The disproportion between new technologies implementation and lack of trained support staff utilization was evidenced; Long-term trend toward general versus specialize care was demonstrated
Conclusions: The extensive growth and irregular distribution of dental practices, along with the decrease of the dental services’ utilization shape the portrait of the dental profession and dental practice in Bulgaria by the end of the first decade of 21 century…

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