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Diagnosis and Importance of Development Disorders in the Area Canine – Premolar 1 – Premolar 2 of Dental Arches

Authors: Dragoș Stanciu*, Radu Stanciu**, Ileana Simion***, Anca Temelcea****, Oana Laslău*****

*Prof. Univ. Dr. UMF „Carol Davila” București
** Șef Lucrări Dr. UMF „Carol Davila” București
***Dr. Cabinet Stomatologic „Leodent” București
****Șef Lucrări Dr. UMF „Carol Davila” București
***** Dr. Cabinet Stomatologic „Dr. Vulpoi Vasile”


The pathology of the medium area is mainly represented by anomalies of the dental system, common feature of which consists of the fact that the dominant modification belongs to the dental system, and the change of the osseous system is more discreet, sometimes slightly noticeable and can be – from case to case – secondary to dental perturbations…

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