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Mandibular Implant-borne Rehabilitations related to Bone Height and Occlusal Clearance Categories: A 10-year Retrospective-Prospective Clinical Study (I)

Authors: Dr. Radu Baston, Dr. Cristina Ilea-Peltecu, Dr. Mihaela Gaspar


The purpose of this article is the presentation of the combinations between the bone height and the intraoral occlusal clearance, the presentation of the incidence of various combinations in the everyday practice and the presentation of the proper treatment for each and every combination by implant-borne rehabilitations. The used material consisted of the 272 mandibular edentations treated in our office with fixed implant-borne superstructures for ten years. The conclusions of our statistic study are:

  • the ideal cases with sufficient bone height and proper occlusal clearance represent the relative majority (48.8%) of the treated cases.
  • the cases with sufficient bone height and occlusal clearance related issues represent almost half of the treated cases. (45.2%)…
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