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p53 and p21 activity in cells isolated from human periodontal ligament

Authors: Maria Greabu*, Nikolay Iskitiev**

*Departamentul de Biochimie, Facultatea de Medicină Dentară, Universitatea de Medicină şi Farmacie Carol Davila, Bucureşti Romania
**Universitatea de Medicină, Sofia, Bulgaria.


In the last years intense research efforts have been undertaken in the field of human periodontal ligament cell biology due to their potential uses in the field of regenerative medicine.The cells have been isolated and characterized for a wide number or biomarkers. Primary human periodontal ligament cells were isolated impacted third molars. The cells were analyzed using immunohistochemistry for p53 and p21.
p53 was expressed in various degrees in the analyzed cells while p21 activity was expressed only in some of the analyzed samples. Cellular viability was high (90%) at every point in time analysis. Cell size remained constant for the first two weeks of in vitro culture. Human periodontal ligament cells have increased p53 activity but only limited p21 expression…

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