Volume XXIV

Contents: Volume XXIV

Assoc. Prof., Dr. Aurelia Spinei (1), Assoc. Prof., Dr. Iurie Spinei (2)
Eliyahu Mass (1), Yael Palmon (1), Uri Zilberman (2)
Lecturer Dr. Aneta Munteanu (1), Prof. Dr. Rodica Luca (1), Teaching assistant Dr. Cătălina Farcașiu (1) , Dr. Cristiana Trefaș (2), Lecturer Dr. Ioana-Andreea Stanciu (1)
Vitalie Gribenco (1), Dan Zagnat (2), Vasile Zagnat (3), Andrei Fachira (1), Boris Golovin (3), Valeriu Fala (4), Valeriu Burlacu (5)
Ruxandra Sfeatcu (1), Lavinia Ștefania Pădurescu (2), Dan Lambescu (3), Mariana Cărămidă (3), Mihaela Adina Dumitrache (4)
Ioanina Părlătescu *(1); Carmen Nicolae (2); Șerban Ţovaru (3) Corresponding author: Ioanina Părlătescu (4)
Konstantina Kritikou* (1), Ioana-Cătălina Dobre (2), Arina Vinereanu (3)
Aneta Munteanu (1), Cristina Coruț, (2) Rodica Luca* (3), Ioana-Andreea Stanciu (1)
Aneta Munteanu (1), Arina Vinereanu* (1), Sophie Jung (2), Annelyse Garret-Bernardin (3), Betul Kargul (4), Cristina Ioana Bica (5), Alexandrina Muntean (6), Vasilica Toma (7), Rodica Luca (1)
Raluca-Paula Vacaru (1), Mihai Andrei (1), Mihaela Tănase (1), Arina Vinereanu *(1)
No. 1-2 / 2021

The impact of tooth decay prevention measures on the pro-antioxidants system

The oxidative stress (OS) has an extremely negative impact over living organisms. In a classical manner, the OS is defined as an imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants, generated by the free radicals [1-3], which, in their turn, are formed during the metabolism and energy production within the body.

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No. 1-2 / 2021

Local anesthesia in pediatric dentistry – specialists vs. GPs

Pain prevention in pediatric dentistry is crucial for achieving positive experience of a child during dental treatment, building trust and cooperation and establishing a compliant dental adult. One of the main methods to prevent pain is local anesthesia (1-3).

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No. 1-2 / 2021

Dental extraction under general anesthesia in children and adolescents

Even if modern dentistry evolves in terms of treatments, equipment, instruments and working method, early damage to extensive coronary destruction in the surface and depth of the deciduous teeth and even permanent immature teeth continues to be a common situation.

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No. 1-2 / 2021

Smoking behaviors in a group of high school students – preliminary results

Tobacco use is a major health risk factor and a major cause of premature death. Smoking has become a public health problem worldwide, especially for the younger generations who seem to adopt this habit at a very young age.

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No. 1-2 / 2021

MIH Type Dental Developmental Anomalies

In the current landscape of Romanian pedodontics, the book “MIH Type Dental Developmental Anomalies”, authored by Ioana-Andreea Stanciu, Ph.D., and Prof. Rodica Luca Ph.D., Pedodontics Department of the Faculty of Dentistry, “Carol Davila” Bucharest, stands out as a novelty.

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No. 3-4 / 2021

Oral adverse drug reactions. Short review

Abstract A wide variety of medications can cause unwanted mucosal manifestations even when used in standard doses. These often clinically mimic the disorders of the

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No. 3-4 / 2021

Special oral care in educational systems from four European countries

Abstract Aim. To compare under- and postgraduate training programs for special oral care (SOC) from the 4 European countries taking part in OSCAR Erasmus+ 2019-1-RO01-KA202-063820

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