Global Oral Health Report – the World Health Organization’s vision

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 189-201

The aim of this article is to present the latest document of the World Health Organization, the Global Report on Oral Health, published in November 2022. The objectives and sections of the report are briefly presented, as well as the structure of each chapter.

Oral health of young Romanian Special Olympics athletes: parental perception versus clinical findings

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 202-212

Abstract Aim: To investigate parental perceptions on oral health of young Romanian Special Olympics (SO) athletes and compare it to clinical findings. Methods: Parents/legal representatives of 118 Romanian SO athletes under 18 years of age participating in a National SO event (Deva, 2019) answered a printed questionnaire regarding their children’s oral health and perceived impact

Gemination or dental fusion? Diagnostic dilemma. Case study

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 213-225

Congenital dental anomalies that include abnormalities of shape, number, volume, structure, and position occur in both the primary and permanent dentition. Their prevalence is higher in the primary dentition and varies from 0.5% to 7%.

Parents’ knowledge on the sealing of first permanent molar

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 226-240

Abstract. Aim. Assessment of parents’ knowledge regarding the sealing as a preventive method for caries in first permanent molar (FPM). Material and method. Observational study using electronic questionnaire method on a study group (SG) of 110 parents (105 women, 5 men) aged between 24 and 48 years (mean age=34.89±4.60 years). Parents’ knowledge on the moment

Caries experience of the primary second molar and impact on the first permanent molar

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 241-255

Abstract Aim: assessment of the caries damage of the second primary molars (SPrM) and the impact on the caries damage of the first permanent molar (FPM). Material and method: retrospective study on dental files of 180 children (86 boys) aged between 6 and 11, examined and treated in the Pedodontics Department, Carol Davila University Bucharest

Abstracts of papers presented at the International Congress of Dental Medicine, Iași, 24-26 March 2022

No. 3-4 / 2022 - Pages: 256-229

THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DYSFUNCTIONS Cristina Brăileanu*, Georgeta Zegan** *Spitalul Clinic de Urgență pentru Copii “Sf. Maria” Iași, România **U.M.F. “Grigore T. Popa” Iași, România This paper presents an overview of the etiological factors involved in temporomandibular joint dysfunctions, emphasizing the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. The etiology of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunctions

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