No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 193-203

Enamel formation is a highly coordinated process. The enamel protein matrix, secreted by the ameloblasts, contains three main proteins: amelogenin, enamelin and ameloblastin. These proteins are specific to enamel and are degrade by specific proteases, MMP20 and KLK4. Human mutations in genes coding for the enamel proteinases cause variable degrees of hypomineralization.

No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 204-220

First permanent molar (FPM) is important because of the contrast between its major role in maintaining the balance of the dento-maxillary apparatus and its increased caries vulnerability. Because of the early appearance on dental arches, and of having an occlusal surface with numerous pits and fissures, it is quickly exposed to the action of factors with carious potential.

No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 221-237

Disability is the consequence of a deficiency that can be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or a combination of these . Currently, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 15% of the global population has different types of disabilities (̴1 billion people)

No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 238-241

As tradition calls and despite all the difficulties this year brought, the 24th Congress of the Unified Romanian Dental Associations (UNAS) took place in October (7-9), for the first time as an on-line event.

No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 302-307

Held between October 7 and 9, 2020, (I was to say ...) in Bucharest, the XXIV National Edition with International Participation of the Congress of the National Union of Dental Associations will represent for all of us, organizers, participants, readers , sponsors, a memorable event that will remain in the history of the Association as the FIRST (and perhaps the only) ONLINE EDITION exclusively.

No. 3-4 / 2020 - Pages: 242-301

Dentistry is the most dynamic medical field because it has undergone the most numerous and significant changes in the last 25 years. One of the ten important challenges that dentistry has been and is subject to is the package of normative acts developed as a result of the current pandemic. Adaptation to the new conditions is necessary.