Oral care for children with special healthcare needs in healthcare systems in Erasmus+ Oral Special Care Academic Resources (O.S.C.A.R.) project countries

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 5-24

Abstract. When it comes to oral health, children and adults with special healthcare needs are reportedly an underserved segment of the population in most countries, with limited access to quality oral care and many unmet treatment needs. Healthcare systems are organized and financed in different ways in various countries, and efficiency in providing targeted prevention

Oral manifestations in children with sleep disorders

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 24-39

Abstract Oral health assessment is performed by dentists to identify oral health problems and diseases. Oral health is a mirror of general health and one of the systemic health issues that directly affects the oral cavity is sleeping disorder. Sleep is a fundamental process of the human body, which regulates core biological functions. Sleep quality

Some oral manifestations in patients with Covid-19

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 39-52

Abstract Several oral manifestations of the oral mucosa have been reported in patients with COVID-19. The most frequent manifestations were xerostomia, lesions of the oral mucosa and taste disorders. Gingivitis and periodontitis have also been frequently diagnosed. There are many instances of patients developing oral candidiasis, especially those who have received high doses of antibiotics.

Oral hygiene behaviour in a 12 level highschool group of students from Bucharest

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 52-64

Abstract Aim: Evaluation on the behaviour of a group of highschool students aged between 17 and 19 years old as to their habits of oral hygiene. Material and method: A transversal study carried on from November 2020 to February 2021, on a group of 55 students, using a questionnaire distributed on-line. Results: It was noticed

Apariții editoriale – Clinical-therapeutic management of deep dental caries – Sorin Andrian

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 64-67

The monograph entitled “Clinical-therapeutic management of deep dental caries” written by Prof. Dr. Sorin Andrian, PhD and published by the “Gr. T. Popa” Iași Publishing House in 2021 analyzes and presents a topic of great interest for current dental practice, because morphological, clinical and therapeutic features characteristic of deep dental caries are challenging areas for

Scientific Abstracts of UPDATE Congress – Latest news in dentistry, Bucharest, 18–20 february 2022

No. 1 / 2022 - Pages: 67-89

Minimally invasive interventions in paediatric dentistry Prof.univ.dr. Rodica Luca, Facultatea de Medicină Dentară, UMF”Carol Davila”, București Minimally invasive dentistry concept is based upon the last decades’ acquired knowledge on caries etiopathogenesis and newly improved dental materials for everyday use. This concept, adopted in 2002 by the general assembly of FDI, lays on early detection of