Fluoride in dentistry: brief updated guidelines for caries prevention

No. 2 / 2022 - Pages: 97-109

Abstract Fluoride has raised many controversies over time. At present, the beneficial effects of fluoride in caries prevention and remineralization are scientifically supported, therefore indisputable. This article aims to bring to the attention of dental practitioners up-to-date information on the use of fluoride products, both in the dental office and at home. Fluoride can be

From the synthesis of pain, through the pathophysiology of the pulpal organ, to the modern clinical systematization of the norm and pulpitis

No. 2 / 2022 - Pages: 110-130

Abstract In scholarly literature, one may find classifications of pulpal pathology based on histomorphological and radiological criteria. These systematizations, as a rule, miss many several clinical variants, often leading to difficulties in choosing a treatment protocol. Aim of the research: To evaluate the necessity of a modern classification of inflammatory pulp pathologies. The medical history,

pufa/PUFA index–a new index to assess caries activity

No. 2 / 2022 - Pages: 131-148

Abstract Purpose: to present general data on the pulp involvement index – pufa / PUFA and to assess complicated caries in a group of preschool children using this index. Material and method: descriptive observational retrospective study on dental files of 161 children (91 boys) aged 5, examined and treated in the Pedodontics Department, Carol Davila

The impact of socio-behavioral factors from the family environment on dental care affection of school-aged children

No. 2 / 2022 - Pages: 149-177

Summary The aim of the paper: to study the impact of socio-behavioral factors from the family environment on the dental caries damage of school-age children.     Material and methods. In the case-control study, 164 children with a mean age of 12 ± 6.29 were clinically examined. The research group (L1) included 82 subjects affected by

Editorial appearance – Periodontology and Splinting Systems

No. 2 / 2022 - Pages: 178-180

The volume “Periodontology and Splinting Systems”, published by “Gr. T. Popa” Publishing House from Iași and edited by Silvia Mârțu, Ionuț Luchian and Liliana Păsărin, is an important bibliographic landmark in the documentation and professional training of dental students, those studying the specialization of Dental Technique and dental prosthodontic residents. The first two chapters include